Let me tell you about this guy Cameron. He’s a tall, intelligent thirty year old who works in a school.


Cameron and I met on Tinder and he asked if I would like to meet up.


Fuck it, right?


So I did.


The intelligent thirty year old – who is a little older than the guys I normally go for but hey, he seemed nice – provided really good conversation for an hour and a half while we had lunch and I had a beer <– I think this may have been my first mistake, I thought he was going to have a beer too but ordered a coke after me.


Cameron dropped me home after what I had thought been a really nice time. As I opened the door of his car he said, “Well I guess I’ll see you around.”


I tried not to think like the psychotic bitch I am and figured he didn’t mean anything by such a dismissive comment.


So I texted him about an hour afterwards telling him I’d had a great time and thanking him for taking me out.


I never heard anything from him.


Now, I would have thought a thirty year old would be mature enough to send a message saying, “Hey, sorry but I’m not interested.”


Tall intelligent thirty year old Cameron was balding anyway so whatevs.


I saw him at a small bar about a week ago – I looked amazing btw – and he nodded towards me in acknowledgment and I was just like:

Image result for fuck you

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