Kiss me you fool

Seriously though, KISS ME. It’s not rocket science.

Long story short, a very close friend of many years and I have hooked up once before and we’ve always had kind of a thing for each other. Recently we ended up making out. Like full on, grabbing at each other, passionate kissing.

I dreamt about this kiss for a week afterwards. It. Was. Incredible.

I have seen him many times since then and APPARENTLY we are acting like it never happened.

The thing is, I’m totally cool with nothing progressing from the kiss, but why not acknowledge it.

But why are we holding back? I’m not saying, “Hey, let’s jump into a relationship!” Because neither of us want that. At all.

But we are the kind of friends that don’t let that sort of thing ruin a good friendship. See earlier comment that we have hooked up previously. It doesn’t get awkward between us. It doesn’t get COMPLICATED.

So if we’re both attracted to each other, we both want each other in some way and there’s no reason not to, WHY ARE WE NOT KISSING.

Plus dude, it’s winter and I need a snuggle buddy.


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