Let me tell you a little story that may or may not be definitely true.

Guy comes over for casual hook up.

After about five minutes of what feels great sex to girl (with little expression from him) he goes limp.

After girl makes effort, guy gives up.


Now, gentlemen, we girls understand that sometimes the body doesn’t do what we want it to (I’m due for my period in a couple of days, I get it).


When you stop altogether and then leave, it leaves US feeling a little undesirable.

And this pisses me off so fucking much that I can be affected this way by a guy I have very few romantic feelings for. I find myself asking, why do I care so much about someone I don’t really care about?

You see, it’s not about him. It’s about me.

When a guy (or girl) doesn’t try their best in the bedroom it can really make us feel like we aren’t worth the effort.

It’s humiliating.

And you know what? Maybe that’s the truth. Maybe I’m not worth that extra effort to avoid disappointment. But I can find someone else who doesn’t make me feel that way.

And I will.


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