Fuck you and your little games.

I won’t play.
I’ve never been too worried about people not responding often (see previous post).

But being outright ignored?

Nuh uh.

I don’t think so.

And I’m not talking about someone who has expressed disinterest. This is someone who when I see them in person they flirt. Heavily.

This is someone who told me they wanted something out of this – albeit not a relationship (which is perfect for me).

This is also someone who likes to think they’re all that. Someone who thinks I at least find him irresistible. I know, I laughed too.

But after several opportunities given, after several invites, nothing.

So obviously not that interested. Which is totally fine! It’s ok to not be interested.

Just don’t get pissy if I don’t flirt back next time I see you, ok?


One thought on “Fuck you and your little games.

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  1. Just hold yourself to high standard you be surprise how much more a dude wants you if you become unreachable…but there is fine line between that you have ot play it by ear as most things.


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