Replying Quickly Does Not Mean I Am Infatuated


Responding quickly does not mean I am waiting around for your answer.

I’m talking to a guy on SnapChat and he was flirtatiously teasing me how I can never remember what my previous message was.

I told him that I’m doing other things and that I’m not just sitting there waiting for him to respond.

According to him it felt like I was because I always respond quickly.

Now I’m not the kind of girl to calculate how long to wait before replying based on how long it took him to respond. I tend to have my phone out (when it’s not being rude) so when I get the notification I respond.

I don’t sit there analysing the conversation so when the messages disappear I don’t have a prompt to remind me what the fuck we were talking about.

If it makes him feel better to think I’m THAT into him then fine. But I’m gonna be real about it.


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