Period Sex

For those who didn’t see my earlier post, this morning I was really pissed because I got my period and I was going to spend some time with a hottie. I thought that this little bit of blood had thrown every chance of getting laid out the window.


We had lunch, he came back to mine for a movie sesh, we made out. The whole time he knew I was on my period.

Finally he said, “You know I don’t mind that you have your period. Like, if you want to have sex. But only if you are comfortable with it.”

Comfortable with it? I’m at my horniest on my period plus sex helps with cramps. I fucking wanted it.

So we did. I wasn’t bleeding too much so it wasn’t as messy as it could have been. But it was GOOD.

I’m so glad that there are guys out there who aren’t squeamish about a little blood. I mean, we showered afterwards it’s not like it’s any more unhygienic than the usual fluid exchange.

Happy Easter everyone! And Happy Easter to me 😉


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